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Corporate Aircraft Finance

With US Best you can finance or lease your business jet in line with your needs. Through our team of specialists you can benefit from our global network and efficient processing of the transaction. Our customized financing solutions are structured so that you can optimize your tax and liquidity situation.

​Financing of new or used business jets for business or private use

Amount:  USD $10 to $60 Million or equivalent in foreign currency

Currency:  USD, EUR, CHF

Term:  Maximum 10 years


Aircraft Mortgage Loan
Aircraft Finance Lease
Sale and Leaseback


Efficient use of your liquidity by leveraging the aircraft
Customized service and short processes
Choice of short- or long-term fixed interest rates
In-depth expertise and years of experience in the aircraft business

 “We’re Crazy About Liquidity”

Direct 412-498-9843 email sdecker@deckerglobal.com

Corporate Jet and Yacht Financing

and Leasing ​Solutions