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and pledged asset loans

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Pledged Asset Loan, Use With a Mortgage or as an Alternative

Jumbo and Super Jumbo mortgages for luxury Real Estate

​​​​Getting a super jumbo mortgage is a financial decision that impacts your life for years to come. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, it’s important to have a lending strategy that fits within your larger financial picture.

We offer a wide array of super jumbo mortgage products and luxury home financing options starting at $500,000 loan amount. We think and work out side the box to help the jumbo and super jumbo client meet there financial needs. In order to meet the needs of our sophisticated luxury real estate clientele and business partners, we provide numerous unique high-end super jumbo loan programs whether it is to purchase a luxury home, refinance or to pull cash out, we can help. 

Savvy borrowers use pledged asset loans as an alternative to traditional mortgage in tight lending environment.  In today's restricted real estate lending environment, many otherwise excellent, even high net worth borrowers, are being turned down by traditional lenders due to lack of income documentation, high debt ratios, lower credit scores or being upside-down on loan to value.

As a result, pledging a stock portfolio or other publicly traded asset along with or even instead of real property has become tremendously popular as an alternative to the lack of traditional mortgage options and provides an excellent opportunity to achieve maximum funding flexibility for many borrowers. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing securities based financing as a strategic finance tool for your next real estate project:

  • No Income Verification or Debt Ratios with Securities-based Lines of Credit
  • No Up Front Fees
  • Purchase, refinance, cash out
  • No Transfer of Title of Your Securities Asset - You Retain Ownership Always
  • Private Client - Low Rates - Excellent Terms
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Convenient Line of Credit - Access as Desired
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Use for Down Payment, Bridge a Tight LTV or Get Extra Cash Out
  • Use Instead of a Second Lien to Eliminate Need for PMI
  • Obtain Additional Funds to Complete a Commercial Project
  • Most Loans Close within 5 to 7 Business Days

In today's tight lending environment savvy borrowers and lending professionals will always consider the entire asset picture when determining the best financing strategy.  

US Best Capital Partners' tailored lending services can be an excellent alternative to a traditional mortgage for many borrowers who either do not fit into a traditional mortgage product or who need additional flexibility to meet their financing goal. Contact us at 412-498-9843 to for a private consultation about your home purchase or refinance.

​Super Jumbo Real Estate Financing